MultiLaunch: Bookmarks/Start Page for Power Users!

First, Check Out Some Sample Launch Plans:


  • Search multiple shopping sites at once.

Svelte Launch Plans

QUERY The blue Svelte button…
Empty Opens all the Svelte “news” pages (Discord, Reddit, StackOverflow).
search term Opens all the searchable pages (Reddit and StackOverflow) with results for search term.

The SvelteKit documentation links are neither frequently-updated “news” nor URL-searchable, so they are excluded.

  • Directly clicking still opens them, though.
  • The Svelte and SvelteKit documentation have search, but lack a URL interface.
  • (If the documentation supported URL searches, it could be included here. Imagine searching both the Svelte and SvelteKit documentation at the same time!)

Translate Korean-English

  • The Translate buttons automatically detect Korean/English QUERY input.
  • Support for other language could be added, too.
  • Notice Papago also accepts URL’s as input (to translate the whole page).

Multi-Translate from English

  • Useful for translating app release notes into multiple languages.
  • Tabs are reused across multiple searches. (When possible. Some sites like prevent tab re-use.)

Image Search

  • Some of the image buttons support reverse image search. Just enter the URL of an image like this.

News: FOMO

  • A collection of social news sites I check regularly because there is no reverse-chronological feed (or it is limited).

News: No FOMO

  • A collection of social news sites with a reverse-chronological feed (so there is no need to check often).

Launch Buttons Quick Tour

  1. Open a MultiLaunch page like Svelte Launch Plans.
  2. Click the “Reddit” button.
    • The Svelte Reddit page is opened.
  3. Enter “hackathon” into the query input. Click the “Reddit” button again.
    • This time the Svelte Reddit search results are opened.
  4. Clear the query input (SHIFT-DEL), then click the blue ‘Svelte’ button (ENTER).
    • Three tabs are opened (Discord, Reddit, and Stackoverflow)
    • The blue buttons contain the name of the group, and simultaneously open all the dark gray buttons.
    • The light gray buttons are excluded from the group open, but may be opened manually by clicking.
    • SHIFT-DEL and ENTER are keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Enter “auth” into the query input. Click the blue ‘Svelte’ button, again.
    • This time, only two tabs are opened (Reddit and Stackoverflow). Both tabs show the results of searching for ‘auth’.
    • Notice the Discord button became light gray to indicate it is not part of the group open. Discord does not support searching via URL.

Launch Plan Editor Quick Tour

  1. Open a MultiLaunch page like Svelte Launch Plans.
  2. Click “Edit”
    • This opens the launch plan editor. You can edit/save/share this launch plan.
  3. Edit “Svelte Launch Plans” to “My Personal Launch Plans”.
    • The changes appear live, in real-time!
  4. Click “Save”.
    • This saved the launch plans to your browser cookies.
    • The launch plans stored in the cookies will be used by default if the URL does not contain a launch plan.
  5. Open another MultiLaunch page like News: Sorted by Time.
  6. Click “Edit”, then “Add”
    • The “News: Sorted by Time” launch plans have been added to the end of your saved launch plans.
    • This is only a preview!
  7. Click “Save” to save the new launch plans to your browser cookies.
    • Create your own custom launch plans by adding and saving launch plans shared by other people!
  8. Click “Share” to share a link with the current launch plan.
    • The link is automatically pasted to your system clipboard.


  1. JavaScript is not required! MultiLaunch uses progressively enhanced forms.

  2. Control where the links are opened (just like regular browser links):

    Input Opens in
    No modifier keys Current tab
    CTRL Background tab(s)
    CTRL+SHIFT Foreground tab(s)
    SHIFT New window(s)

    Works with both ENTER and button clicks.

  3. Each button will try to reuse its own tab. (When possible. Some sites like prevent tab re-use.)

  4. You don’t need to close all the tabs one at a time; close multiple tabs at once:

    • Right-click a tab, then “Close other tabs” or “Close tabs to the right”.
    • Or just close the entire browser window while another browser window is open.
  5. You can paste a query even when focus is outside the text box.

  6. Toggle the QUERY input fullscreen mode by clicking the fullscreen icon.

    • (Fullscreen mode has a word/char count!)
  7. Secret keyboard shortcut for fullscreen QUERY edit mode:

  8. Launch plans can even be nested in other launch plans!

  9. Source code at:

The Launch Plan Format

Launch Plans are TOML-formatted: Sample Launch Plan TOML annotated with comments

# Determines what is displayed in black editor bar at top.
title = "Sample Launch Plan TOML"

# A table determines the settings for each button.
# All settings optional, except for default.
# When true, the blue category button will skip this button when opening all links.
exclude = true

# URL if the query input has a value. `QUERY` is replaced with the value of the query input.
ifquery = ""

# URL if the query value is a link.
iflink = ""

# URL if the query value is Korean text.
lang_ko = ""

# The default, when previous URL's did not match.
default = ""

# Same group
default = ""

# Different group
default = ""